Unsound Breeding
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In 2009 we launched an infrequent series in Pedlines entitled, appropriately enough, "Unsound Breeding--The Series."

We frequently make reference to Thoroughbreds that we find transmit unsound qualities in what most everyone agrees is a breed that has become increasingly unsound as runners make fewer and fewer starts.  We often find a correlation between pedigree weaknesses and breakdowns or horses that are whisked off to stud after only a few starts to pass on their unsoundness in a "commercial" market dominated by greed.

With the faint hope that our observations might actually inspire some breeders to pay closer attention to matings and consider the welfare of the foal they are creating rather than how much they can get at a sale with a flashy pedigree, we decided to unearth these articles from past issues of Pedlines and offer them on the website.

We will also use this page to make brief comments on current breakdowns which we cover in greater depth in Pedlines.

Ron Parker

November 2011